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          My name is Vince Marks and I live with my wife in Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom. I'm 53 years old and I've been married for 31 years and have two lovely daughters.
          I've been interested in my family history for many years. Initially, with help from my mum I started  researching the HORTON - WILCOX lines . I think it's fair to say that at this point my dad wasn't all that interested in his family history. However, that was about to change on a massive scale!
          By this time family history records were becoming  available on the internet  and projects like FreeBMD and FreeCen were being born. More and more information was being made available and the family history rollercoaster began to gain momentum. 
          I was making good progress with my research but deep down it was the MARKS line I wanted to trace. I asked my dad what he could tell me about his parents and grandparents which turned out to be very little unfortunately. Undeterred I ploughed through census information and FreeBMD records without too much sucess. Then the 1901 census came online  and that's when things changed.
          By this time my dad was getting more and more interested when he realised how easy it was to get hold of records whether it be online or sending off for them.  
          To leap forward half a dozen years ,my dad is now on his second pc and not only has he completed  the MARKS family tree but that of
a few others as well !  Well done Dad, not bad for a man who will be 81 this year.
Vince Marks May 2010 

The MARKS family back in 1986 attending a family wedding.

Back row, left to right

Hilda , Ernie, Frank , John (my dad) and James (Jim)

Front row, left to right

Iris, (Pat) and Lil 

 The MARKS family in 1951 at John Marks' wedding. Left to right

James, Walter MANNERS, John, Ernie, Sam and Frank

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